Excessive Body Sweat

Working out, dining on a terrace in the sun , giving a speech in front of an audience - these are just some of the situations that can make us sweat. Sometimes is comes without a warning and we are just swept by a wave of anxiety and sudden rise of the temperature. Some scenarios we prepare ourselves in advance for, and end up sweating preventively as well. It becomes a vicious circle, where our thoughts also play a big role in excessive perspiration.

Excessive body sweat is not only extremely uncomfortable, but also has destructive characteristics for our social life and self-esteem. If we can avoid putting ourselves through a potentially embarrassing situation by excessive sweating, we will. It becomes a sort of barrier between our personal ambitions and potential and the actual results. We limit ourselves to situations and places where our sweating problem will not be exposed.

Excessive body sweat can be caused by several factors. Genetics is one of them. If your relatives or close family members has similar sweat conditions, your excessive sweat problem is hereditary. In this case a proper diagnosis would be suggested, as this type of sweating problem can be harder to treat. However doctors prescribe internal medicine and not everybody is comfortable treating this problem with pills. Homeopathy or herbal medicine is then suggested.

There are many factors that can trigger excessive sweating (sometimes referred to as hyperhydrosis). Such as emotional stress, increased alcohol consumption, fear etc. As well, menopause, puberty and certain diseases are also accompanied by excessive body sweating. To begin, you have to be able to identify the traits of your sweating issue. When do they most often occur, how long do they last, what causes them? This will help you quantify your excessive perspiration. Such a “self-evaluation “will help you determine the best treatment.

The biggest error we make is try to deny and mask the problem instead of facing it. If we don’t deal with it, it will resurface over and over again and add on to our luggage of horror and sweat stain stories. Whether it is the quantity, odor, amount of secretion that worries you - there is a solution, stop hiding it and cure it. Because the longer you wait before you do something about your excessive sweating, more precious life opportunities you miss. I feel like I only started really living, once I learned to control my excessive body sweat. I stopped being scared of what might happen and what people will think, I knew - I was going to be ok. The solution I used to solve by hyperhidrosis problem is Stop Sweating and start living if it wasn't for that I don't know what I would do. Put your mind to it, and you will succeed too.