Excessive Facial Sweat

Excessive sweat can affect virtually all parts of the body, as sweat glands can be found on a large portion of our skinís surface. Hyperhidrosis can be generalizes or concentrated on a specific area; it can be Plantar, Facial, feet hyperhidrosis etc. Undeniably, facial sweat is very hard to deal with as it invades our face to face conversations, and considerably handicaps all social interactions.

Another condition that often accompanies facial sweat problems is Erythrophobia - facial blushing. While it takes seconds for a face to be changed in the red shade, it takes much longer for the blushing to disappear. Blushing is told to be a hereditary trait, but sometimes randomly appears in combination with hyperhidrosis.

Very often blushing and sweating is like a vicious circle. The more you stress about your perspiration, the more anxiety will activate sweat glands and in response blushing will occur. This process is both frustrating and destructive because excessive face sweating is very visible and just as blushing - hard to conceal.

There are many ways to treats excessive facial sweating, starting from creams and sometimes ending with surgery. By personal experience I know that many problems are solved in a sequence and the same applies to excessive sweat problems. The same way our mind can build dreams and nurture ambitions, it can destroy potential results and desires. We must heal the soul first, before healing the body. An amazing book helped me do so (called Stop Sweating and start living), and I no longer have to deal with excessive face sweat.

Facial sweating involves the face area, the hair line and often the neck. It is especially hard for women to live with untreated facial sweat because usage of make-up becomes almost impossible. There is no way you can wipe your face dry, with a foundation and mascara intact. Topical cream applications can be an alternative; it does not require a prescription and is fairly risk free (unless you have a personal intolerance to one of the ingredients). In another section of this website we discuss surgical interventions for excessive facial sweating. Personally, I find this solution a little scary, because it is your face that is in jeopardy. But many people still consider it to be an option.

Remember, the more you think about sweating and the reaction of people, the more you will sweat. Therefore the first step to cure excessive facial sweating is to stop anticipating secretions. As soon as you realize that, you are one step closer to victory!