Excessive Sweat Glands

Sweating is a vital part of a human body, it insures our thermoregulation. Normally, this process stabilizes body temperature during intense physical effort or in response to hot weather or different stress factors.

However, many people are affected by excessive sweat secretion. This condition is treated very easily, and there is nothing shameful about it. Whether it is the odor or the quantity or secretions that creates problems for you there is a cure that helped me resolve it all. I talk about it on the main page of my website. On this page we will talk about sweat glands and basics of the sweating process.

What is sweat?

Sweat is a salty fluid, secreted by sweat glands to regulate out body temperature; It is accelerated under stressful conditions and while we are in a nauseous state. It is decreased in cold temperatures. Sweat glands are located all over our body surface; there is a significant concentration of sweat glands on palms and feet. Too much sweat is created by an increased gland activity. Abundant perspiration is told to be caused by excessive sweat glands. Not excessive by its number, but by the activity.

Can I get rid of my sweat glands?

Because body toxins are also evacuated via our sweat glands, I highly discourage any surgical intervention. Nowadays, liposuction is actually used to remove sweat glands! Think twice before you go under the knife. Consider all other options, because it is an irreversible process, once sweat glands are removed.

There are other drastic measures, such as the electronic antiperspirant devises such as Drionic, that act as a shock therapy on the sweat glands. Botox is used to “disable” temporarily sweat glands. Be careful however when you try the new technology on yourself, as your health is not a gamble. Don’t burn them, learn to control them.

How much sweat is too much sweat?

Every individual has its own scale of “normal “sweat secretion, so it is impossible to put a general number. As long as it does not exceed your own norm, and does not interfere with your everyday tasks and personal life, it’s not too much.

The amount of your sweat can be accurately quantified with a physicians help and trough analysis. If you want to know the scientific proportion of the secretions, you will need to seek medical advice. However, if excessive sweating is accompanied by any other symptom or physical discomfort, it is NECESSARY for you to consult, as it might indicate a more serious problem!

If you want a permanent solution to stop excessive sweat glands you should get yourself a copy of Stop Sweating and start living it helped me solve my sweating problems once and for all.