Excessive Sweat

Excessive perspiration is a much more common problem then you might think. In Canada alone, close to a million people were diagnosed with hyperhidrosis. In the United States 2.7 % of the population is also treated for this condition. Sweat problem is a taboo subject in our society; therefore the actual number of people affected by this problem is largely under represented.

It is only normal that we feel embarrassed and uncomfortable discussing such an issue. But we need to seek answers on how to stop excessive body sweat regardless of the statistics. Once we do, our quality of life will considerably improves.

I finally found excessive sweat treatment that works! Now, what is left of my excessive sweating problem since I found the solution, are embarrassing stories. It would be a lie to say, that I laugh about them now. It will take time for me to get used to the fact, that I will never have to deal with that problem again. Learning how to stop sweating was a turning point for me, it made me feel that if I could change that, I could do anything! It has been a little less than 2 years since I have discovered my cure. Until that moment, my personal and social life was conditioned by massive perspiration that my excessive sweat glands produced. Before accepting a party invitation or a social gathering, I played unpleasant scenarios over and over in my head.

Many occasions I would decline, simply to protect myself from feeling ashamed or embarrassed. In work atmosphere, it was another type of frustration. I avoided handshakes because I didn't know how to stop sweating hands, I was perceived as impolite. Or terrible Wednesdays, when I would feel sweat drops run down my hairline during team meetings. I still remember, as if it was yesterday, the day we were shooting a team picture at the office. It was for a campaign announcement, and we were lined up in the building hall, with a solid banner and excited faces.

I was in the front row, and we had to hold the banner over our heads. I was young back then, and naive to think that maybe just this time, because it was still the early AM, my sweat glands weren’t going to be so fierce. I was wrong. When the photographers assistant, with a puzzled face, asked me to move in the back row, I wanted to drop dead on the spot. I touched my underarms, and realized I was almost soaked. My lavender shirt exposed sweat stains going much lower and wider than I would have ever expected. I got so nervous and jittery that excessive facial sweat almost wiped my makeup off. I was mortified by this event. If I only knew how to stop underarm sweating then!

This vital function of your bodily fluids is a coin with 2 sides: cooling effect of sweat also can be your worst enemy, if not tamed! This event is one of the many that took place in my life, and was forced to deal with this humiliation alone. Nobody could understand what I was going through, and it is not really the type of problem you talk to neighbours about. I decided to make it a personal goal, to educate and help as many other people going through this. Excessive sweating cures do exist and I hope this website will help you get rid of this debilitating condition.