Certain Dri Deodorant

Searching “Certain dri deodorant” is like searching for a “Sunny night”. The two things do not go together. So you can forget about certain dri deodorant, at least for now, until may be the decide to produce it.

Before I proceed to explaining what certain dri is and how it works, you should remember one thing. In fact you should write it down on the most visible place in your household with a permanent market, engrave it in stone and pass this knowledge on from generation to generation: “certain dry deodorant does NOT exist”, and it’s spelled certain DRI not certain DRY too! Certain dri is a brand of an antiperspirants and not deodorants. So you won’t find a deodorant with certain dri in it. I personally use a bit of deodorant in addition to certain dri.

Big different between the two!

Antiperspirants block the sweat glands, while deodorants mask the odor. It’s main active ingredient is Aluminium Chloride. This potent substance blocks the sweat glands which creates a barrier between the sweat glands and the surface of your skin. It’s also nice that you don’t need a prescription to get it, you can just buy it from Amazon, where it's very cheap, I think it's aproximately 5 dollars.

Does it work.

Certain dri certainly works.

I remember sweating like a pig from my armpits. The perspiration was so profuse that sweat drops used to travel all the way down to my waste line. I had to use things like sweat shields to block all of this extra sweating (unfortunately they heat up your armpits which causes even more sweating).

How to apply

It`s best applied right before going to bed. This is because it irritates the skin and you need to fall asleep before the effects start kicking in. The irritation goes way within a couple of days and is really not something that one can’t handle. I personally used hydrocortisone cream to stop the irritating effect. It’s nothing major and personally I had more irritation from those sticky/gummy aerosol deodorants than from certain dri.

The Aluminium Chloride is the secret sauce ingredient in all of the antiperspirants that you come across in your local store. You should be warned though that a build up of Aluminium Chloride is not good, although a substantial build-up can only occur if you use it for a very prolonged period of time and very frequently.

How often?

Well the box indicated that it can work for up to 84 hours, but I’ve experienced some sweat free weeks after applying on the weekend.

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