Certain Dri

It is optimal to use several tools to manage effectively your excessive sweat problem. Depending on the severity of the sweating, and the area affected, sometimes a combination of products is required. In this article we will review Certain Dri antiperspirant and several other products.

Antiperspirant and a deodorant is not the same, even if often believed to be so. Antiperspirants blocks pores, therefore preventing all fluid secretion. Deodorant on the other hand, does not interfere with the sweat processes itself, rather it masks odor causing bacteria once sweat is produced, with the antiseptic ingredients. A person with overactive sweat glands (that produce too much sweat) will not find a deodorant useful.

Certain Dri is a known antiperspirant, inexpensive and easily accessible. This solution is intended to be used at night, preferably right after a shower. Because its ingredients influence the sweat secretions process, you have to apply the product when the sweat glands are the least active - at night.

This product is offered for multiple areas of application, such as armpits, scalp, hands and feet. Use instructions for Certain Dri indicate that it should be used 3-4 nights in a row, after which sweat secretions seemingly decrease. Weekly usage becomes then sufficient. However results vary from one individual to another.

Many people state that Certain dri deodorant causes irritation and burning sensation. Firstly, certain dri is not a deodorant, but an antiperspirant. Secondly, if product is used as directed, it could be because your body or skin type might not tolerate the composites of the Certain dri antiperspirant. Do apply a thin coat on a limited area at first, to see if you have an unexpected reaction. Another type of popular antiperspirant is Secret Clinical Strength, it is a little more expensive that Certain Dri, but similar in results. It is normal to try more than one kind and brand, to be able to find the one that best suits your needs.

So now, you will no longer search for Certain Dri deoderant, as you know for a fact it is an antiperspirant.

Yes, this product works, but not for everybody. And it works best in combination with other cures, this way you do not just "patch" up the issue, but fully treat it.

Personally, I use it in conjunction with other sweat treating techniques learning from that book my cousin ordered for me (I talk more about it on the homepage). If Certain Dri doesn't work for you, you will have to try something else. At this price, you can afford to try and miss.

The one who seeks, will always find.