Drionic is a registered commercial brand name used to describe a contraption which produces an electric current and is used for treating excessive sweat. Drionic iontophoresis refers to the process in which sweat gland functioning is altered, using a mild electrical current. The devise is handheld and is battery powered, which actually creates a problem.

Because a Drionic device requires a very unique battery, you can only get it directly from the manufacturer. It can be tricky get your hands on one, but if you abandon the treatments once your initial battery runs out - there is no point in buying the device in the first place.

Drionic therapy needs to be conducted regularly and broken into multiple sessions, during the first month it should be performed seven times and then gradually diminished. The internet is full of contradicting statements as to the real frequency of usage so we advise you to get that information directly from the manufacturer. As your therapy progresses, you will have to conduct less treatments, while maintaining same results. The cost of Drionic machine is between 700 and 1000$ US, and it is mainly used to treat plantar (feet) and palmer (hands) excessive sweating. To conduct Drionic underarm treatments, you will need to get a special extension for it.

Drionic procedures themselves are said to be rather painful. This once again depends on the individual, and will depend on your pain tolerance levels and how well you conduct electricity (yes even that is unique to every person). You submerge your feet or hands in a bucket of water, as the light electrical current passes through the liquid you will receive mild charges and your sweat glands will become clogged up (temporarily). Some newer models do not involve water, but rather a moist surface.

I have not tried Drionic sweat therapy because the cost was very high and so were the inconveniences. However I have researched the subject thoroughly and came upon studies that proved Drionic treatments to be effective. As well, if you consider buying the devise, you will be surprised to find that some insurance policies will cover this expense, if proven to be of “medical necessity”. Verify with your medical insurance company what are the criteria and the percentage they would cover. For example it might apply if you are required to hold small objects in your hands and the safety might be jeopardized if the slip out of your hands due to sweating.

In conclusion, if you expose your sweat glands to a low voltage current during a regulated period of time, you will have more effects than if you expose yourself to a high voltage current for a short period of time. Do not overdo it! Therefore, slowly, but surely your sweat glands become clogged up enough to stop producing sweat, this is when the Drionic therapy is considered to be complete. Results will vary. It is up to you to decide if you will cure sweat with voltage. I chose a less invasive solution, I talk about it more on the main page.