Having discussed the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants in another article on this website. In this part of the free report, we will cover a powerful and more expensive antiperspirant treatment called Drysol (I usually get it from Amazon, click here).

Drysol`s application is not limited to the underarm area, it can be used to treat excessive sweating on other body parts. Drysol is commonly used to treat hand and feet excessive sweating, as well as back and chest perspiration.

The solutionshould be applied at night time, as the product sinks in the sweat glands while you sleep. You might experience itching and burning sensations, it is better if you apply Drysol right before you before falling asleep. That way you will be sound asleep when the feeling of discomfort starts.

Drysol is also recommended for people engaged in intense work activity sectors. Athletes or couriers for example, mind find this product useful as it decreases the amount of sweat being secreted.

If you buy Drysol in the standard packaging - it should last you about 6 months. Remember to apply a thin layer before hitting the sack. Do not over apply because it will considerably burn and irritate your skin. Never apply Drysol after shaving or waxing, as you might put yourself through a considerable amount of pain.

Aluminum chloride is the main component of Drysol. This component is commonly used in antiperspirant products, because it blocks sweat glands from functioning. Medical research has however linked Aluminum chloride to cases of breast cancer, due to the Aluminum build-up in the system which occurs with continuous usage.

However, when treating hyperhidrosis Drysol showed considerable results for many individuals. Since it acts as a barrier between the sweat glands and the surface of your skin, it does prevent sweat from being produced. Personally I have tried it, but could not put up with the itching, which in my case was simply unbearable.

In addition certain facts about its chemical compositions made me too apprehensive to use Drysol. But I know for a fact, not everybody experienced similar reactions as me. Once again, when fighting excessive sweating, trial and error is your best bet. Just donít try nothing too radical, to avoid long term complications.

Aluminum chloride hex hydrate, mentioned above, is a harmful substance for an unborn child. You should not use Drysol if you are pregnant, or think you will be soon. Furthermore, data shows that it can be passed through breast milk to a newborn baby, so you should not use Drysol deodorant and drysol antiperspirant while breastfeeding.

With that said, there are different reasons why you might want to purchase a bottle, maybe there is an important date when you just canít afford to sweat or if you are going to be handling sensitive objects with your hands. I personally found a better solution which I review on the home page, but the choice is always yours.