Hyperhidrosis Surgery

Hyperhidrosis surgery is one of the most drastic methods there is to treat excessive sweating. Different techniques exist in terms of surgical sweat treatments. For example for underarm, a complete removal of the sweat glands is now possible through surgery. Scarring does occur and recurrence of the condition is a concern. This sort of intervention is known as gland excision.

For other areas that are affected by excess sweat, like hands and feet, sympathectomy is practiced. During the surgery two incisions are made at the chest area. Through these incisions, a microscopic camera is introduced and the surgeon cuts and alters the sympathetic nerve chain, known to trigger excessive sweating.

While these types of operations might seem simple, they carry a rather dangerous burden of possible complications. Hyperhydrosis surgery in many cases causes compensatory sweating (excess sweating elsewhere), gustatory sweating (excess sweating after eating) and can even cause nerve damage during the operation.

Other complications include phantom sweating (feeling of sweat, while no sweat is actually produced), hair loss and even cardiac arrest. Just the thought that I once considered such an intervention, scares me today.

I was not too far from this potentially permanent damage myself. Who knows what would have happened if I didnít t read that book. All I know is without going under the knife, taking multitude of pills and undergoing expensive treatments, I have been sweat free for almost 2 years.

You will be surprised to find out how much does a hyperhidrosis surgery cost. You might not only jeopardize your health, but pay a considerable amount to do so. Please, before you consider a hyperhidrosis Ets surgery, learn all the facts and alternatives. We are now at an era of advancement and research, many more treatments are available now, that we would ever think possible.

You donít have to risk your life and long-term well being to solve your excessive sweat issues. There are other much cheaper and safer ways for you to stop sweating , aside of surgery for hyperhidrosis. One of the most effective ways was reviewed on the homepage, Iím grateful I this method before resorting to surgery.