Palm Sweating

Palm sweating can create considerable inconveniences in our everyday lives. Handshakes become off limits, we leave humidity marks on everything we touch and handling and gasping small objects is nearly impossible (this can be dangerous in certain work environments). Excessive palm sweating can be occasionally triggered by stress and state of nervousness, but it can also be a recurring issue. If excessive palms sweating happens regularly, without an apparent reason and the secretions are significant, it might indicate a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Often, hand hyperhidrosis (palmar) is also accompanied by sweating feet (plantar) and should be treated together.

If your symptoms do not resemble hyperhidrosis condition, try soaking your hands in Luke-warm black tea. This natural remedy is told to tighten hand sweat glands, so for some time your hands should remain dry.

Nowadays, many cures exist to fight sweaty palms. Starting from topical creams and ending with injections or electrical gland stimulation, known as ionophoresis. Some treatments are not as safe, as they might bring long term complications. Therefore, be cautious and before trying a surgical or even oral treatment. Because hyperhidrosis medicine often causes important side effects such as blurred vision and palpitations. While most surgeries result in a compensatory sweating problems on another body part, as if the sweat issue simply migrated.

For many years, simply holding my spouse’s hand would be impossible. Even if it doesn’t bother the other party, it sure made me uncomfortable knowing that the moisture is always there. At the office, I was avoided putting my hands on documents or other loose leafs as it would leave a visible hand mark. Once dried, you could actually see the shape and the change in the texture of the paper due to applied humidity.

There is a way to stop palm sweating, without harming your system, and I am the living proof of that.

The most important is to keep a cool head. Whether you already decided what path to take to solve this issue, or still are looking for a way, be calm. You have endless possibilities, you just have to choose the right one.

Hence, the more you think about sweating palms, the more they will sweat. Because it is a complex internal mechanism, stress will only increase sweat glands activity and you will make matter worst. As well you should avoid stimulating beverages such as coffee, strong tea and sugar drinks, as they can intensify the sweat gland activity. You are not alone in this, many people like you have found a cure, and now enjoy life to the fullest. So can you! I talk more about working solutions on the main page of the site.