How to Stop Underarm Sweating

In this part of the website we will discuss underarm sweating and we will quickly review several popular underarm sweating preventive accessories. Underarm sweat is produced by apocrine sweat glands, once fluids are secreted and get in contact with odor causing bacteria, underarm odor will be produced. Men and women that have underarm hair will see the odor develop quicker. The intensity with which you sweat will depend on the level of activity of your sweat glands. One thing is certain; it would be more physiologically dangerous if you didnít sweat at all, than the excessive sweating. Nevertheless excessive sweating can considerably diminish our quality of life. In this case, this condition needs to be addressed.

Underarm hyperhidrosis is the proper term, to define excessive underarm sweating independent to mind state (nervous scared) or temperature. Here are some solutions for your review:

Perspiration Shields:

Perspiration shields are used by individuals that do not wish to treat the cause, but rather the result. By using underarm sweat pads, you will limit the appearance of underarm sweating, but the odor will not be controlled this way. These types of accessories are told to preserve clothes for a longer time, and avoid sweat stains. But it does not resolve the problem or provide long term benefits; it is a simple quick fix.


Another way to deal with the problem is radical interventions, like surgery. I have heard many horrible stories, when operations went wrong, or complications occurred. It is very important not to take any risky measures, as there are many treatments to choose from. I have tries many methods, and almost gave up until I finally found something that works. By giving up on finding cure, I almost gave up on myself. And in the least expected moment, the light at the end of the tunnel appeared. I have tried about 10 different creams, many of which caused me to develop facial rash and flaky skin.


Antiperspirants helped me decrease the amount of sweat produced underarms, but my hands face and feet would remain as moist. With years, I started to isolate myself from the outer world. I would go to work, come back home and watch TV until I couldnít keep my eyes open. I had to refuse all social life , I couldnít wear anything appropriate anyways, I was too scared to find myself sweating in front of everybody , this drama I was looking to avoid.

At some point, I accepted the fact that I was to lead a lonely, unfulfilled life. I dealt with the problem that way until one day I turned things around and found a solution. In this section of the website, we will talk about underarm sweating and the existing cures. The treatment I used to help myself is reviewed on the main page.