Perspiration Shields

There is a multitude of product available on the market that successfully mask excessive sweat. Perspiration shields do not treat hyperhidrosis but help you conceal abundant perspiration.

Perspiration shields (24 Disposable Underarm Dress Shields From Kleinert's for example) are inexpensive and designed to absorb excess sweat your upper body produces. Sweat pads are very popular when it comes to perspiration shields, we cover the perspiration pads and underarm perspiration shields in details in another article. We will discuss other perspiration shields that you have access to, such as absorbing undershirt, non-removable perspiration pads and sweat guard t-shirts.

Sweat guard t -shirts and other type of perspiration shield attire should be exclusively made of cotton. Synthetic material causes increased sweating and sometimes provokes bacteria once in contact with sweat secretions. Undershirts are meant to absorb and retain humidity, so no sweat stains appear on the surface of your clothing.

There are multiple types of sweat guard shirts, with sweat pads stitched: under the arms, in the back colon area or the neck and chest line.

Manufacturers of such items, claim the key benefit of perspiration shields is the money that you will save on dry-cleaning expenses. They claim that by wearing an undershirt you will avoid unpleasant permanent sweat stains on your favorite clothing. It does not cure excessive sweat issues nor does it regulate the odor, but it promises to delay the appearance of sweat on your clothes.

It is a rather innovative approach to concealing excessive sweat. Perspiration shield clothing is however known to be a rather expensive pleasure. Because it requires quality fabrics, and multiple stitching, production costs are pretty high. In addition, there is a very limited amount of supply for these items.

Because nowadays it is actually possible to regulate the sweat secretion through a complete treatment, such as the one I followed (I talk about it on the main page). A fewer number of people are willing to invest into the sweat absorbing gear , as opposed to getting to the root of the problem itself.

You be the judge, how money saving or useful perspiration shield clothing really is. This website was created to provide you with all the information you need to know when dealing with our common issues: excessive sweating.

Donít waste anymore time hiding your problem. Face it as of today, and soon you will be very grateful for discovering this website, that finally showed you the cure that works.