Underarm Hyperhidrosis

Sweaters and sweat shirt used to be my best friends. Not because they were my favorite type of clothes, but because they were the only one that ďtried to keep my secretĒ. As funny, as it sounds now, I used to shop for clothes knowing I couldnít wear.

Not because they didnít fit, contrarily, the better fitted they were - the worst they exposed my embarrassing secret. Sweatshirts made me look like I didnít care how I looked, but it was my way to psychologically cheat my sweating problem, they were a source of comfort but it is was just an illusion, not only I would sweat even more, because I would be overdressed for the weather. Sweatshirts delayed the time of sweat appearance on the clothes, but the sweat stains took forever to go away too, because the fabric is so thick!

I know very well this never ending vicious circle of underarm hyperhidrosis.Deodorant didnít make a difference. Itís logical that if my sweat glands were over active, by wearing thick sweaters and undershirts, I made them work even harder. But I couldnít allow myself to wear a stylish linen shirt, knowing you will eventually spot horrible underarm sweat areolas. Itís like I had no choice but to give up proper attire, because I didnít yet know how to effectively control my sweating. Now I can truly embrace myself and I no longer prevent myself from wearing things I really like, underarm hyperhidrosis no longer controls my life, I do!

Hyperhidrosis underarms is a common problem, but a lot of people donít talk about this issue. By denying the problem and not seeking cure, you condemn yourself to a limited quality of life. Excessive underarm perspiration causes us to make daily sacrifices. We become conditioned by our sweat, but there is a way out. This website was made so people all over the world could find the right treatment for them to deal with underarm hyperhydrosis. Having dealt with this issue for a long time myself, I know how frustrating it is, but I also know that the cure now exists.

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