Underarm Sweat Pads

Excessive sweating is a growing concern for a large amount of people of all sexes and ages, worldwide. Many treatments and cures are available nowadays. Blocking, removing, freezing, burning etc. of the sweat glands became very popular.

However surgical intervention of this nature has unknown long term side effects and possible post- surgery complications. There are pills that can be prescribed to regulate sweat gland functioning, topical creams to be applied on the affected surfaces and other methods. One of the, what I call “dealing and not healing” tools are the underarm sweat pads. This article is dedicated to them.

Underarm sweat pads are self-adhesive, and are attached directly to the interior of your clothing. Their size varies from 7 - 15 centimeter diameter, round or oval shaped. Armpit pads are designed for both men and women, and apart from preventing sweat areolas appearing under your arms, they are told to prolong the durability of your clothes. Depending on the material, and the number of layering used to make underarm sweat pads, they prevent fluids from reaching your clothes fabrics.

Underarm pads do have certain limitations to the type of clothes that they can be used on. For example tank-tops, most of open shoulder/back dresses and tube-tops are off limits for underarm sweat pads.

Underarm pads generally come in different colors such as black, white and different skin tone colors. It is actually visually bizarre for pads that adhere directly to the clothing to match your skin color. But I guess with innovation and improvement, this will be corrected. Maybe one day, they are produced in transparent color, who knows.

Armpit sweat pads are disposable, and can be replaced easily. It makes it a very convenient and a rather cheap solution to block the appearance of underarm sweat. On the bottom of the page a put a link to the place where I purchase most of my underarm sweating pads, it's no surprise that it's on Ebay, I chose the place because it has the best price to quality margins. Sweatex is a well established player in the sweat management industry, their reputation is a guarantee for a hassle free order.

While armpit sweat pads do not solve the problem of excessive sweating ( Hyperhidrosis) , it is a quick and easy fix. Just the simple fact of you are wearing that protection, will reassure you mentally, and decrease your level of stress and perspiration anticipation. But it is not a cure to the problem, because odor remains an issue and armpit sweat pads do not allow you to effectively control your sweating in the long run, but temporarily mask it.