Stop Sweat

Sweat is a physiological function of our body that cools down and regulates our core temperature. That salty fluid is intended to save our lives in drastic situations, and insure our overall well being throughout the day. But often that same fluid becomes a huge obstacle in our lives, by ruining lives precious moments. How many times did you wish your shirt was water proof and you could stop underarm sweat (or essentially stop the sweat glands in that area)? I remember giving a speech in front of an important audience and feeling sweat drops running down my face, desperately hoping to just stop facial sweat nightmare, the drop would run down my cheek and I felt like scratching it would be the best feeling at that point in time. But just hoping will not do the trick; you need a solution to manage the sweat.

There are two types of sweat glands, the apocrine sweat glands, and the merocrine sweat glands. Both types of sweat glands release secretions onto the bodyís surface. Fluids produced by apocrine sweat glands, often result in bacteria and create noticeable odor. Apocrine sweat glands start in the puberty, and secretions manifest in the hair follicles on armpits, groin area on certain male backs. While you canít virtually stop sweat gland functions, you can control their effect.

Personally, I have dealt with excessive sweat problems for years and I understand very well the feeling of frustration and helplessness you feel. I also know that you are not condemned to failure by such a problem, because there is a way to treat it. Excessive sweating is like dandruff problems, while both are visible on the surface of the body, we can reverse the effects and control the appearance. Yes, you can stop excessive sweating manifestations if you choose to use the cure, like I did.

Like some people wish to one day fit a size 3, I used to wish to be able to wear fabrics that I desire. The size was not an issue, but the texture of the fabric and material was. While the aspect of the problem is different in both cases, the need is the same. To be able to wear what you want, not what you can. You can achieve that by learning how to stop excessive underarm sweat. Another thing when it comes to attire and sweat issues is the layering of our clothing.

We think that by wearing multiple layers of clothing we can control the problem, but we all know itís just a temporary trick.

The time is takes for sweat stains to appear on our clothing can be postponed, but canít be eliminated by an undershirt. Beside, during summer periods, the undershirt can create opposite results, because you are dressed too warm, you will sweat even more. Once again, this will be a vicious circle if your sweat problem is not solved. Donít try to camouflage it, deal with it! I was able to stop sweating by applying a simple solution which I describe on the homepage.