Stop Facial Sweat

Sweating and blushing are two concerns for people suffering from excessive sweating or anxiety. In fact, they are both interrelated. The more we think about our blushing problem, more nervous we get and more sweat our body will produce. It is another vicious circle. The most important thing is to determine what causes these reactions PRIMARILY. Is it social anxiety that will make you blush and sweat, or is it over active sweat glands that will make you sweat and you will blush as a response. It is important to evaluate the chronology of the symptoms, because it will allow you to find the most appropriate treatment.

To begin with, facial hyperhidrosis is a common condition but unfortunately also the most unaccommodating. Because facial sweat is so visible when interacting closely with others, it can cause a considerable amount of frustration and psychological pain. The more we think about it, the more we sweat, But we only think about it, because we are used to sweating, so our worries are partially funded, yet aggravating.

Excessive facial sweating appears most on the forehead, cheeks and the hairline. In more severe cases of excessive perspiration neck and the upper chest is also affected. While a very large amount of products and surgeries exist to stop facial sweating, not all of them actually work. Many facial treatments consist of external application, like antiperspirant lotions.

However, application of topical creams on the face can cause considerable irritation of the skin. Natural cures seem more effective when it comes to dealing with excessive sweat. For some people, a little mixture of Apple cider vinegar taken for a couple of weeks is enough to stops facial sweat. Because facial sweat is very hard to dissimulate, some people take desperate actions and undergo surgery. It is very hard to put up with excessive facial sweat, and I know that form personal experience. But I strongly oppose surgical intervention to treat excessive sweating, because it might cause permanent damage to other nerve connections. Even clinics that make a living out of these operations, state that it should be used as last resort only.

I thought Id try it too, until I finally found a book that helped me stop facial sweating forever, and no health hazards or major expenses were involved. Remember, you will live with your decision for the rest of your life, make sure you make the right one. See the description of that book on the main page.