Stop Sweat Glands

Excessive sweating is a results of over active sweat glands. There is an estimate 2.6 million sweat glands in a human body. And more than 2% of the population, experience in one way or another, excessive sweat problems.

Hyperhidrosis, which is the scientific name for excessive sweating is a condition well known to the medical world. While some people are affected by hereditary form of hyperhidrosis, others end up developing the issue later on. For most non-hereditary hyperhidrosis cases, it is at puberty that the condition appears. Others can be affected suddenly, after a psychological shock or surgical intervention. All humans present signs of excessive sweating under stressful circumstances, this is known as nervous sweating and does not necessarily indicate on a chronic condition.

For mild cases of hyperhidrosis, with the help of antiperspirant (probably the strongest one is Drysol) and some vitamins, the issue can be controlled. However in more serious cases of excessive sweating, a different approach to treatment might be required. For many years, I was affected by this issue myself. I have come across many treatments and approaches to treat the issue. From natural food supplements, to hypnosis treatments, a large variety of cures is now proposed. It is very important not to try anything risky as it might present some negative side effects or even complications.

When dealing with sweat glands, multiple interventions are possible. Many surgeries offer a permanent removal of sweat glands. These surgeries are often irreversible. There are also injections that can be used, Botox treatment for example, freezes sweat glands for up to 6 months, during which they are inactive. Other type of surgeries tend to solve the excessive sweat problem by altering the sympathetic nerve chain that commands the sweating process. This type of cure often results in compensatory sweating. Which means that excessive sweating will be produced on another body part.

When we suffer from too much sweat, we can become blinded by the condition. Because it restricts us in so many areas of our lives, at some point we become ready to do anything to stop it. But there are some sacrifices that are not worth making. I too, was once going down this dangerous path, where I thought anything will be better than what I was going through. Until I finally found something that works, without any dangerous side effects. Remember, safe alternatives do exist, and you do not have to trade in your health, to stop sweating. Itís not hard to stop sweat glands, see how I did without resorting to sympathectomy on the main page.