Stop Underarm Sweat

If you suffer from excessive sweat in the underarm area and have tried popular antiperspirants and other cosmetic deodorants, and they did not show any results, try different approach.

Removing underarm hair is necessary not only for esthetical reasons, but also hygienic. Hair follicles will increase odor from the armpits and heat will provoke additional sweating. If you have tried many different ways to stop underarm sweat and nothing seemed to work, you are at the right place. This website will provide you with the information on how to control your sweating, and not let the sweat control your life.

How many times were you conditioned to wear something black so we don’t see the embarrassing sweat stains? I know I have, for many years. Wearing white becomes a fantasy, not only this color tends to become transparent once wet; it also perfectly magnifies all sweat stains. Those yellow spots are so embarrassing, that you might deny yourself the pleasure of wearing anything white ever again, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are ways to stop underarm sweating altogether. Botox injections are becoming very popular not only as an anti-aging tool, but also to block certain body functions. You can do it by undergoing Botox treatments in the underarm area. The injections will prevent glands from producing any sweat. It was proven to be effective by temporarily “drying up” sweat glands, but long term and side effects of this type of cure are yet to be known. This procedure is very costly, and requires regular visits. Personally, I’m very scared of needles so I would never try it. But if you are ready to invest the money and the time, and are not afraid of taking risks – why not?

For many years, I didn’t know how to stop underarm sweat. It bothered me immensely, because I would sweat a lot and for no specific reason. I still remember how cruel my high school sweetheart was, when he decided to publically end our relationship by the words: “Sorry, Smelly Shelly, it’s not you, I will marry”. Those words haunted me for a very long time, until I learned how to deal with this problem. We can’t rewind the past, rewrite the memories, but we can remember them differently. I know for fact now, that nobody will ever be able to tell me these things. I regret not having found access to my treatment back then, but better late than never, I describe the treatment in greater detail on the main page.