Excessively Sweaty Feet

With forth of a million sweat glands on our feet alone, we are anatomically walking on sweat secretion eggshells. There is an estimated 2.5 million of sweat glands spread all across our body, with a good number on our “walkers”. Our feet are constantly under pressure, flexed and bent, sometimes forced in ridiculously uncomfortable shoe shapes, this constant friction rises the temperature of our feet and the body tries to compensate for it with sweat. There is a reason why our feet depend on thermoregulation, and why constant hydration is necessary, foot sweat actually plays a big role


Excessive sweaty feet, is a condition known as plantar hyperhidrosis which is sometimes a very frustrating problem to deal with. My feet used to slide on polished wood floors during summer time which almost made me plummet down a staircase. Slipping right through your sandals, not being able to wear open -toe models and simple dampness in my running shoes used to drive me crazy! To make things even more interesting excessively sweaty feet tend to be a little South of the fresh smell equator. I would avoid going to friends or colleagues houses, knowing I would have to take off my shoes and be expose them to my smell. It was very frustrating dealing with excessively sweaty feet, and I am so glad to finally be through with those stinkers.

Another problem that arises with plantar hyperhidrosis, is that it opens ways to fungal infections such as Athletes Foot. Because your feet are constantly moist, it is perfect condition for bacterial formation. If you do not want to acquire additional problems and get rid of the one you have - you need to treat it with the cure for sweaty feet.

To treat sweaty feet, many methods are offered. There are antiperspirant solutions that you can apply topical sprays and powders (or just use a powerful Aluminium Chloride solution). Surgical interventions to treat excessively sweat feet are highly discouraged. Even Botox injections are not generally safe to treat excessively sweaty feet. ETS surgeries will most probably cause further compensatory sweating. Therefore, surgery should be avoided or left as a last resort. I got rid of the dampness and the smell, and no needles or knifes were involved, just a book (I talk more about it on the home page). Seriously, surgeries should not be used as a cure for sweaty feet, since it will most probably cause other complications!

One thing that you should remember is that solutions do exist, I highly recommend the solution which worked for me which I review on the homepage, but you can try other things as well.