Feet Sweat

Here is an interesting celebrity bit which is related to our feet sweat subject. At one point Phil Bronstein, Sharon Stone`s ex- husband, revealed that Ms. Stone had proposed an inacceptable form of sweat feet treatment for their 7 year old son. In fact, Bornstein used it in court during a custody court hearing. He claimed that Sharon proposed to treat their 7 year old son’s feet odor issue with Botox Injections. This , in his view, was not a good behaviour for a responsible mother. I doubt these statements are actually true, given the context of the custody battle and the “he said - she said ” rumors. Nevertheless, excessive feet sweating is a problem for a growing amount of people all over the world and as you can see it affect people of all walks of life.

In Fact, Botox treatments for plantar hyperhidrosis are not recommended. Because the injections are very painful on hands and feet, a nerve block of the ankle is required prior to injecting. Cases were observed where the temporary nerve block caused a permanent nerve and / or vessel damage, or even loss of dexterity. Botox should not be used to treat cases of plantar or palmer hyperhidrosis. Other proven, risk-free solutions exist.

Feet sweat is not only inconvenient, but can be embarrassing. In most cases, excessive feet sweating is also accompanied by the foul smell. Humidity and moist produce just the right conditions for odor causing bacteria brooding. That is also why it is extremely important to treat feet sweat, because it might avoid development of other conditions.

Prior to finding the book that changed my life forever and allowed me to be on top of my hyperhidrosis, I was ashamed of my problem. I could feel that my feet sweat a lot, but I couldn’t do anything about it, it was a pretty miserable feeling and every time I used to go shopping for shoes I went to places where to person would stand close to me when I tried a new pair of shoes.

I tried almost every powder and topical cream there was, nothing seemed to work effectively (apart from Drysol, but it worked only temporarily). Sometimes I would note a change, the feet sweat would diminish temporarily, but after a couple of days I would go back to my former - sweaty-self. I know from experience that feet sweat and smell go hand in hand and I used to be very embarrassed of the odor even during simple activities such as a car ride, I thought I could smell the odor slowly drifting from the floor level to our faces, it drove me nuts.

My feet sweat was a very big concern, until I finally got help. You don t have to put up with that, as there are many things that you can do. Why do feet sweat so much became irrelevant because I now had the key. Feet sweat is easily treatable and there are no health hazards with the system I used. You can do it too!