Stop Sweaty Feet

There is a popular belief, that only athletes have sweaty feet issues. This statement is absolutely false. Because our feet are covered with a large number of sweat glands, everybody’s feet sweat. It is the amount of secretion and the odor that becomes problematic. Sometimes, as little as washing your feet with an anti-septic soap bar, twice a day - does the trick.

Others use talcum powder, to prevent odor causing bacteria to spread around. There are many “make at home” tricks that will not stop sweaty feet at once, but will help you control the secretions to a certain degree. Basic rules to keep your feet dry include wearing 100 % cotton or non-synthetic material socks. Do not wear the same pair of shoes 2 days In a row, to allow them to air out. For women, nylons are part of a daily wear, but odor causing bacteria are extra active under such conditions. Lack of oxygen, maintained humidity and extra tight fitting of the nylons, will provoke considerable odor.

In many cases, those that suffer from excessive feet sweating, also have hand sweat issues. In this case, rather than treating each body part separately, you have to remedy the symptoms as a whole. I found a way how to stop sweaty hands and feet and the rest of my body.

If you start applying one treatment on hands, and use another to stop sweaty feet, such a mixture might not be effective or long-lasting. You may find a way to stop sweaty hands and feet for several hours, but you have so many more years ahead. You should look for cures that result in permanent solution and not just a temporary relief. It will offer you certain comfort, but will result in increased amount of time and money spent of those “patch-ups” (such as Drysol, 24 Disposable Underarm Dress Shields From Kleinert's and Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant, Roll-On, 1.2 fl oz (35.5 ml)).

If the treatments you tried before showed no result, it does not mean that your sweating problem is impossible to cure; it simply indicates that you didn’t go the right way about it. Remember, when shopping for the best cure for excessive sweating, the cost is not a guarantee of quality. Many treatments are sold at exorbitant prices, yet show little result. I was surprised myself to see that the treatment that was the cheapest out of all the ones that I tried, was actually the one that worked! I was able to prevent sweaty feet from ever interfering with my life and I wish you the same.