Sweaty Feet and Palms

Ever wished the skin of your palms and feet was covered with anti-slip grips? I know I did for many years. Excessive sweating affects all aspects of our lives. Personal, social and professional interactions are jeopardized with uncontrollably sweaty palms and feet. Sweat secretion is regulated by a very delicate system, there Is no switch button when it comes to your sweat glands, and an over-active fluid production is what causes sweaty palms and feet.

What causes sweaty palms and feet?

First, there is about half a million sweat glands concentrated on hands and feet alone. The number of sweat glands alone speaks of the “sweating potential”. Next, because our feet are in constant motion, rising temperature will call on the sympathetic system to cool off the body. Produced sweat will be absorbed by the sock and lock humidity in the shoe. Regardless, more fluids will be produced throughout the day if the sweating pattern is not controlled.

Can you permanently solve the excessive sweating problem?

Yes, and a permanent solution is the most effective one. You can use tools that will temporary patch-up the problem (like Drysol), but it will remain an ongoing issue, and might possibly get worst. You can also do a drastic surgery and a medical intervention, but this should be your last option, as it can also leave permanent complications. We suggest natural, risk free proven methods that allow you to cure the body and the soul. And successfully manage your sweating problem; I reviewed a highly recommended solution on the main page.

Sweaty feet and palms can act as a certain physical or social handicap. Your job as an electrician might be at risk, while turning the drive wheel without slipping can be a hassle. Therefore this issue needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Constant worrying about your sweating will just make the matter worst. You have to set an action plan for yourself and follow the cure for sweaty palms and feet. After I gave it a try, things started to finally get better. I was now looking forward to the future, and all the exciting things I was finally able to do. I always wanted to try rock climbing for example, which was once impossible with sweaty palms and feet, well now I do it on regular basis! There is a world of possibilities out there, and they’re yours to discover!